Vintage Style Bespoke Rings

Vintage Bespoke


Our Client's Journey

A customer came into our store looking for us to redesign some rings they had. Matt, who is one of our in store designers, began by asking them what pieces they had and what they were looking to do with them. After some discussion about ideas, he began to sketch out some designs for them to take a look at. It was important for them to keep their own stones and to use the original bands from the rings. Therefore, he came up with a unique design that they thought was perfect, allowing them to keep all of the elements from the original rings.

Creating the Ring 

After choosing the final design, they trusted Matt, along with our amazing Bespoke Team, to remodel and redesign the rings. We then began crafting their new rings. When they came to collect their rings, they were so happy with the end result! They absolutely loved the new look that we had given to the rings and they couldn’t thank us enough!

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