Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Ring

Our Client's Journey

A couple came into our store looking to find the perfect engagement ring. They had been to many different jewellers, but the jewellers had all refused them because they had come in just before Christmas in hopes of having the ring ready for new years day. The Couple had their heart set on getting officially engaged on this specific date because it was the anniversary of their first date. They couldn’t come to the shop any earlier because one of them worked internationally and was only coming back for the Christmas holidays. It was a challenge for us, as Christmas is always our busiest time of year, and they wanted a bespoke service which is usually a six-week process.

Creating the Ring

Her dream ring was an elegant and sophisticated Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. She wanted her ring to be simple and timeless, but still unique and personal. The team at JQ took on the challenge to make her dream a reality in such a short period of time. They sent the Couple many different designs and then they finally chose a design that they liked the best. This being the rings appearance being unique, but still stylishly classic. After that, JQ’s experts started to craft her dream ring. When it was ready, the couple came to collect the ring and they were overcome with joy! It was very a special and emotional moment because they thought it would be impossible to have the ring ready for their anniversary. They were so happy and could not thank us enough for making their dreams come true!

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