Jewellery Care & Cleaning

Taking care of your jewellery is important to ensure it keeps its value, looks its best and lasts a lifetime.

Simple tips for looking after your jewellery:

  • Always keep your jewellery pieces clean and dry and stored in separate or divided boxes so they do not damage each other.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming. Soap can cause dullness through a film coating and chemicals such as chlorine can discolour your jewellery. Similarly remove your jewellery when applying lotions and potions to avoid product build up and dullness.
  • Remember to remove your diamond jewellery when you are partaking in physical activities where other objects may damage eh stones.

Cleaning your jewellery at home:

Whilst you can use warm water and some very gentle detergents to keep your jewellery everyday sanitised, we recommend a monthly clean with a specialist jewellery cleaner such as Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes. These are widely available and will fully remove unwanted residue and restore sparkle and shine to your jewellery pieces. Home Ultrasonic Jewellery cleaners are another convenient option. 

Professional Cleaning:

For your prize jewels we also suggest a professional clean annually. Although most jewellery can be gently cleaned at home, more delicate items in particular can require specialist cleaning to protect against damage whilst restoring the jewellery to it's best condition and ensuring deep cleaning.

Jewellery Quarter Diamonds offers a full jewellery cleaning service. Get in touch to arrange a time.