Jewellery Cleaning & Repairs

How often should I have my jewellery cleaned?

Most jewellery may be routinely cleaned at home to maintain your pieces in generally good condition day to day. 

Professional cleaning needs will vary based on how much you wear your jewellery and when you wear it. Generally speaking once a year is usually enough to keep your jewellery in top condition. If you wear it on a beach holiday or during regular physical activity then an additional interim clean would also be beneficial.  

JQD Expert Jewellery Cleaning

Our professional jewelry cleaning job involves cleaning, polishing and steaming.

In most cases we firstly soak your jewellery in our ultra-sonic jewellery cleaner. The combination of special cleaning fluid and ultra-sonic vibration removes all dirt, dust and particles which have built up between cleans. In the case of gemstones, such as opals, which require different treatment we manually clean your jewellery with other suitable substances.

We then polish your jewellery usually specialist buffing tools. This removes any small surface scratches to restore smoothness and shine to your piece. As a final step we also steam clean your jewellery to remove any last residue traces and add further lustre. 

We recommend a clean for your engagement ring ahead of your wedding day to ensure when you place it back alongside your wedding band they equally sparkle and shine. 

During cleaning we look for any flaws requiring repair and will get in touch to advise you upon necessity and repair pricing.

JQD Jewellery Repairs

Our own local jewellery workshop and technicians are extensively equipped and qualified for most repair work. We can transform your broken jewellery  into 'good as new' pieces again. From loose gemstones, to replacement clasps and re-sizing rings we can take on most challenges including:

  • repairing broken clasps
  • soldering broken bracelets and chains
  • re-faceting diamonds.
  • re-tipping ring claws
  • replacing lost gemstones
  • rhodium plating white gold jewellery
  • re-setting ring shanks and stones

Visit our showrooms in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter or contact us to arrange a cleaning or repair consultation.

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    On Saturday I was in the jewellery quarters looking for an engagement ring. The service we received from Chloe was excellent. Her customer service skills were fantastic, and her attention to detail was second to none. And on top of that she found me my dream engagement ring. A very enjoyable experience

    Mollie Reed September 21, 2022

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