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Ring Setting Style Guide
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Ring Setting Style Guide

Selecting the ideal ring involves more than just considering the gemstone or metal. The setting and style of a ring are equally pivotal in determining its overall charm. Spanning from timeless solitaires to intricate vintage creations, the realm of ring settings and styles is a rich source of artistic innovation and expert craftsmanship. In this blog post, we invite you on an exploration of diverse ring settings and styles, assisting you in finding the perfect match that will truly captivate your heart.

What are ring settings and styles?

Ring settings and styles encompass the diverse techniques employed to position and secure gemstones within a ring, as well as the overarching design and visual appeal of the ring itself. The setting of a ring dictates how the gemstone is affixed to the band, while the style encapsulates the ring's overall appearance and ambiance. From timeless solitaires and dazzling halo settings to vintage-inspired creations and contemporary modern designs, ring settings and styles offer a vast array of choices for individuals to express their distinct preferences and tastes. These choices can involve factors such as the quantity and arrangement of gemstones, the selection of metal, and the inclusion of decorative elements like intricate engravings. Each unique setting and style possesses its own inherent allure, allowing individuals to discover the perfect ring that resonates with their individuality and captures the aesthetic they desire.

Which engagement ring style should I choose?

Selecting the ideal engagement ring style is an incredibly personal journey, one that should harmonise with your distinctive taste, lifestyle, financial considerations, and gemstone preferences. Begin by introspecting your own jewellery inclinations, whether they gravitate towards classical or contemporary aesthetics. Equally vital is an assessment of your daily life and how the ring can withstand with your practical needs and activities. It's prudent to establish a budget for the ring, as different styles can significantly impact the overall cost.

If you're choosing the ring for your significant other, be attuned to their preferences and engage them in the decision-making process or subtly gather clues about their favoured styles.

Ultimately, the crux lies in selecting an engagement ring style that resonates with your heart and conveys the unique narrative of your love. Take your time to explore the myriad options available and seek advice from reputable jewellers who can provide valuable guidance. By factoring in your personal style, lifestyle, budget, and your partner's input, you can uncover the perfect engagement ring that symbolises your commitment and promises a lifetime of joy.

Solitaire Settings

To begin, let's delve into the world of the most iconic and enduring ring setting—the solitaire. Solitaire rings epitomise grace and refinement with their single, central gemstone elegantly cradled by a minimalist metal band. Whether it's a resplendent round brilliant diamond or a captivating coloured gem, solitaire rings emphasise the exquisite allure of the focal stone, placing it squarely in the spotlight. Within the realm of solitaires, you have a range of choices, including the classic prong setting, the secure bezel setting, or the intriguing tension setting, all adaptable to your personal style and preferences.

Multiple Stone Settings

Multistone rings present a captivating and attention-grabbing departure from the conventional solitaire designs. These rings showcase an array of gemstones arranged in diverse configurations, resulting in a breathtaking exhibition of radiance and colour. Beyond their visual allure, multistone rings carry profound symbolism, with each gemstone symbolising a unique significance or moment. For instance, trilogy rings, also known as three-stone rings, poignantly represent the past, present, and future of a relationship.

The composition of these stones offers ample flexibility, allowing for options like a central gemstone flanked by smaller ones, a cluster formation that creates a focal point, or intricate arrangements in various shapes. The world of multistone rings offers limitless possibilities for customisation. You can select gemstones of different shapes, sizes, and hues, fashioning a truly personalised masterpiece.

Halo Settings

If your heart yearns for a ring that exudes an aura of sparkle and brilliance, the halo setting could be your ideal selection. Halo settings showcase a central gemstone elegantly encircled by a ring of smaller stones, producing a mesmerising halo effect. This arrangement not only amplifies the perceived size and visual allure of the central gem but also bestows a dash of opulence and vintage allure.

Halo rings offer extensive room for personalisation, permitting variations in gemstone shapes, metal tones, and even combinations of different metals, enabling you to craft a genuinely distinctive piece of jewellery.

Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings

Contemplating your preferred styles for eternity and wedding bands holds equal importance to the selection of an engagement ring. These bands possess the capacity to harmonise with and influence the overall aesthetic of your engagement ring.

Eternity bands are often chosen for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine's Day. They boast a distinctive feature: an uninterrupted circle of diamonds that symbolise enduring love between a couple. These bands are available in various settings such as claw, channel, pave, and bezel, ensuring the secure placement of the diamonds. The brilliance and radiance enveloping the finger infuse a dash of character into a simple band. While they are frequently worn atop engagement rings or wedding bands, their placement is ultimately a matter of personal preference and comfort.

Wedding bands, exchanged during the wedding ceremony, symbolise the sacred union of marriage and epitomise a couple's lifelong dedication. The allure of a plain wedding band resides in its innate purity and refined elegance. Its timeless sophistication and simplicity allow it to radiate on its own, even without the adornment of diamonds. Wedding bands are available in a spectrum of metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You can explore an extensive array of wedding bands and eternity rings within our collection.

Keep in mind that the selection of the perfect eternity and wedding bands carries the same weight as that of an engagement ring. These rings will accompany you on your journey of love, signifying your unwavering commitment and individual style.

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