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How Long Does It Take to Make A Bespoke Ring?

How Long Does It Take to Make A Bespoke Ring?

We understand how nerve-wracking ordering a bespoke item of jewellery can be - oftentimes we work with very sentimental pieces from customers who want to remake a family heirloom, or create a gift for a loved one with a special meaning, and of course, creating the perfect engagement rings.

That’s why at every consultation here at JQ Diamonds, we specify what the timeline will be from start to finish, and when you can expect updates from us, so you’re never left in the dark. 

From order to collection date, the bespoke process will take about 42 days in total. This time period can range higher in cases where we don't receive prompt approval on the design, as we always want to make sure you're totally happy with the piece before moving forward in the creation process.

Unsure what exactly the bespoke process entails and wanting to find out more about each step? Keep reading for a more in-depth breakdown.

DAY 1: Order

The first step is speaking to us so we can discuss what you're interested in having made. At this stage, you'll have initially reached out to us via phone, social media, or by popping into one of our stores.

After paying us a visit in store so that we can better understand your needs, you'll sit in one of our comfortable booths while our talented sales and design team work through your options based on your preference, budget, lifestyle and personal style, giving you the tools you need to make a decision.

Once you’ve placed your order - and we’ve taken your ring measurements - the magic can begin!

DAY 14: Approve Ring Design

Your computer-aided design or CAD will be ready within 14 days - at this point, you can really see your vision come to life. We will send you hyper-realistic images of what your finished ring will look like so that you can be absolutely sure that you’re happy with it, and let us know about any tweaks you’d like to be made to the ring before it’s created.

CAD of bespoke aquamarine ring trilogy with baguette diamonds
A CAD of a bespoke trilogy aquamarine ring we created and sent to a customer for approval


DAY 21: Approve 3D Wax

3 weeks after your order is placed, as long as you are happy with your CAD, you will be able to view and approve a 3D wax figure of what will eventually become your ring. This viewing can take place either in-store or in the comfort of your own home, in which case we will send the wax figure to you via post.

The purpose of this stage is so we can be absolutely sure the ring is the correct size, and so you can have an accurate, practical idea of the size of any precious stones on the ring, and how the ring will look and feel when you are wearing the real thing.

DAY 22: Send to Workshop

Once we know you’re happy with the design and the wax figure, you can leave the rest to us! Our specialist team of goldsmiths will craft your ring exactly to your specifications.

DAY 40: Quality Control

We know you don’t want your special piece to be anything less than perfect, and neither do we. This is why once your ring has been made, it will undergo a 2-day quality check process where it is scrutinised for even the tiniest of flaws by our production manager and many other members of staff. Only once it has passed quality check will your piece be deemed ready for collection.

Bespoke aquamarine ring
The finished product: a bespoke aquamarine trilogy ring flanked with baguette diamonds, based on the above CAD


DAY 42: Collection!

You get the phone call from us letting you know your dream piece is all ready! At this stage, your order is ready to pick up and treasure forever. 

Interested in creating your own bespoke piece, or just have some further questions about the process? Get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, email, or by dropping a comment below, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly!

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