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Predicted Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

Predicted Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

At JQ Diamonds we’re predicting a year that’s bigger & better than ever in the world of engagement rings. Whilst 2020 remains a year most of us would like to write off, for many it’s been a year of love, of reconnecting and treasuring time at home. We’ve also seen a lot of celebrity engagements during 2020, which tend to pave the way & inspire new trends for the coming year. Read on to find out more!

Solitaire settings

diamond solitaire ring
(Click here to view the above ring).
Solitaire rings have always been a staple in the bridal industry, so to name them as ‘trendy’ for 2021 may sound debateable. That being said, there has been a greater demand for the simple & elegant style over the past few months. Solitaire settings with one (usually very large) centre stone have been trending in 2020 among celebrities – these trends usually lead to a significant increase in popularity globally.

Here at JQ Diamonds, you have the luxury of creating your own bespoke ring, that’s unique to each individual. You can pick your own centre diamond and either choose a mount to hold it, or have something more intricate and personal designed. Whatever you go for, we can help you to achieve that glamourous and elegant look.

Asscher cut diamond rings

Opting for an asscher cut diamond is a great way to add extra sparkle, without adding more stones. Cut with more (and layered) facets, this style offers a unique and clean look, with features that resemble those of the Art Deco era.

Produced in 1902 by the Asscher brothers in Holland, this is one of the oldest diamond cuts. Gaining popularity in 2002 after a slight change to the cutting technique, assher cuts have been on the rise ever since.

Blue engagement rings

sapphire ring

Thanks to the release of The Crown’s fourth season this year, sapphire engagement rings are earning their popularity back. Emma Corrin stars as Princess Diana, showing off a replica of the ring that Kate Middleton now wears. The ring in question features a 12-carat, oval-shaped Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 diamonds. This style became popular following Princess Diana’s public engagement to prince Charles in 1981, then again in 2010 when Prince William proposed Kate Middleton with the impressive jewel.

The ring has inspired brides ever since, but sees popularity increase at times when it’s in the public eye – like after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011, or as we’re seeing now – after The Crown has aired!

Sapphires don’t seem to be the only blue gemstone souring in popularity. Aquamarine, tourmaline, paraiba tourmaline, topaz, and tanzanite are also likely to make their mark in 2021 – fitting the bill as ‘something blue.’

All are beautiful gemstones, and can be tailored to a design that’s perfectly unique to you. Book a virtual design consultation (during January’s national lockdown) with JQ Diamonds and create your own masterpiece.

Emerald Engagement rings

Emeralds are often associated with serenity, love and new beginnings, making them a symbolic choice for couples. Both Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham wear emeralds on their ring fingers, but this could be the year we see another celebrity green treasure!

Note: emeralds are beautiful and rich in their colour, but require a little more care than diamonds to keep their quality. Interested in a gemstone engagement ring, but don’t know where to start? Get in touch to arrange a chat with our gemologist:

Multi-stone engagement rings

engagement ring
(Click here to view the above ring.)
The design that really could lead the way in 2021! Multi-stone engagement rings are gaining popularity as they look even more extravagant. This style isn’t for everyone, but if diamonds are your thing, the more the better – right? Meghan Markle wears a three-stone engagement ring, composed of two diamonds from her late mother-in-law’s collection and one from a trip that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took to Botswana. If you have stones from loved ones old jewellery, we could re-purpose them to create an engagement ring that’s unique to you – just an idea!

Oval engagement rings

Oval diamonds have experienced unprecedented popularity since early 2020 and we don’t expect them to go anywhere this year. Ariana Grande recently announced her engagement to boyfriend Dalton Gomez - showing off her flawless 5ct oval diamond, paired with a stunning pearl. The unique look of an oval diamond often creates the appeal to design something bespoke - that's where we can help!

Coloured Diamonds

Unique, durable & stunning. Yellow, pink & blue diamonds are rarer than traditional diamonds, but create a perfect centre stone. If you'd like to go down this route, we're here for you at JQ Diamonds!


If you're looking to purchase an engagement ring soon, book a virtual appointment with one of our friendly designers. Alternatively, come and visit us post-lockdown. Please email to find out more. 

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